They are girls just like me. They all have stories to share.
— Nisha

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The best way to understand the journeys, challenges and triumphs of GirlForward girls is from girls themselves. That's what this page is all about - stories from our GirlForward community! The opportunities you read about - from field trips during the summer to one-on-one reading help with a mentor - are made possible by your support.

Girls Like Us: Dream

The 2018 volume of GirlForward’s annual zine created by girls, mentors, tutors, staff and community artists.


Girls Like Us: Uprooted

Girls Like Us: Uprooted is the first ever GirlForward zine, created by GirlForward girls. Learn about what 2017 meant to us and what it means to be "uprooted."

In sharing and exploring the story of where and who she is from, GirlForward staff member Sanjana Kantayya talks about unification in diversity. She goes on to discuss how every community, as a "table," ought to have seats for everyone. Sanjana was born in Rockford, Illinois to two resilient immigrants from Tamil Nadu, India.

Marwa & Bahja
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Illustrations in Girls Like Us: Vol. 1, "Gentille," "Razia," "Miriam," "Marwa & Bahja" and "My Name is Wadad" by Cori Lin.