The first step in becoming a strong advocate is education. We encourage you to read, watch and listen to the stories and perspectives of people who have experienced displacement and resettlement. Here are some of those stories, along with informational pieces and graphics to put displacement into context. Suggestions welcome at


Miriam, one of our 2018-2019 Advisory Board members and a mentee in our Chicago Mentoring Program since 2015, went on live radio with Broken English Radio Show to share her story. You can listen to the show below!

Miriam (Myanmar)

This episode was flat out incredible. I sat down with Miriam, a 19 year old refugee from Myanmar. Her and her family's story is nothing short of unbelievable. Born into a civil war, Miriam's family fled to Malaysia and went into hiding. RefugeeOne helped orchestrate Miriam's refugee status and get her family here to Chicago.

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