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GirlForward is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. (Tax ID #45-2987277)


Sunday Alabi, Mary-Margaret Sweeney, Veronica Sepe, Maggie Cong-Huyen, Jessica Brierly-Snowden, Esra Rahima, Kaitlin Motley, Anna Joranger, Chenoa Burleson, Jamie Resler, Holly Worthy, Susan Michalowski, Sara Gove, Kathryn De Jesus, Keith Helt, Erica Vendetti, Basia Kapolka, John Monaghan, Julie Willig, Sara Mays, Elena Baca, Julia Smith, Kayla Drozd, Emma Martell, Doug Friedman, Lin Meyer, Nora Bingham, Brad Brettschneider, Carla Tresslar, Richard & Judy Goddard, Gillian McGhee, Aynna Lloyd, Susan Lloyd, Florrie Burke, Alice Tippit, Paul Dovydaitis, Sarah Gipp, Sarah Lloyd, Michael Wojciechowski, Jessica Sanders, Cathleen Day, Usha Raj, Natalie Song, Julie Goddard

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