Interns, Camp GirlForward - Chicago, IL; Austin, TX

GirlForward is a community of support dedicated to creating and enhancing opportunities for girls who have been displaced by conflict and persecution. GirlForward provides high school girls who have been resettled as refugees with individual mentorship, educational programs, and leadership opportunities. CAMP provides a space for girls to simultaneously build their English skills while exploring their identities and learning about the world around them through a social justice lens. Students engage in the classroom setting and explore the city. MENTORING pairs adult women with girls as friends. They meet once a week and work on activities in the 4W's (wisdom, wellness, wallet, and world).

We are currently recruiting interns who can support the CAMP and MENTORING programs for summer 2018 in both AUSTIN, TX and CHICAGO, IL!


All GirlForward internships are unpaid. Desired qualifications include:

- Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

- Organizational skills and attention to detail.

- Able to work well independently in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision.

- Experience with youth, tutoring, or mentoring, preferably with English language learners.

- Must have a strong commitment to social justice and community engagement.

- Must believe in the practice of cultural humility and critically analyze their own identity, culture, power, and belief system in relation to the community.

- Must believe in the power of adolescent girls to create positive change in their communities and the world!

- Additional qualifications for specific roles will be listed below.


Teaching Interns support the Camp GirlForward lead teacher as teaching assistants in the classroom and during enrichment activities. Specific responsibilities include:

- Assisting lead teacher with classroom management.

- Assisting lead teacher with curriculum development.

- Working one-on-one with girls in the classroom.

- Leading small groups of 7-10 girls in literature circles and activities.

Additional qualifications specific to TEACHING INTERNSHIP

- Studying education or has relevant experience in a classroom setting; preferred experience working with English language learners.

Camp GirlForward will run from July 9th - August 17th. Teaching interns will work 30-35 hours per week. Hours may vary but will most likely be M-F 9AM-4PM for the duration.


Logistics Interns support the Camp GirlForward lead teacher as program assistants during enrichment activities and field trips. Specific responsibilities include:

- Assisting lead teacher with explorers hour enrichment activities.

- Assisting with planning and coordination of field trips

- Working one-on-one with girls in the community

- Completing administrative tasks such as preparing materials, monitoring supplies, cleaning classroom, and attendance related data entry.

Additional qualifications specific to LOGISTICS INTERNSHIP

- Experience navigating public transit and leading groups throughout cities.

Camp GirlForward will run from July 9th - August 17th. Logistics interns will work 30-35 hours per week. Hours may vary but will most likely be M-F 10 AM-5 PM for the duration.


Mentoring interns support the Mentoring Program Manager and Girl Engagement Specialists as program assistants.

Specific responsibilities include:

- Assisting staff with participant recruitment.

- Assisting staff with volunteer management.

- Engaging community through special events, workshops, and home visits.

- Completing administrative tasks such as data entry and evaluation.

Mentoring Interns will work 30-35 hours in a week but times of commitment may vary related to tasks such as nights or weekends. This will be determined upon hiring. Mentoring Intern applicants should select a unit for which they would like to work from below:

Option 1: (Spring/Summer) 5/15/18 through 8/17/18

Option 2: (Spring) 5/15/18 through 6/30/18

Option 3: (Summer) 7/1/18 through 8/17/18


Fill out the application here.

Please direct any questions to

Program Manager (Camp GirlForward) - Chicago, IL

This position is a combination of teacher, program manager, and case worker and focuses primarily on Camp GirlForward, GirlForward’s summer education program. The program manager works with the Director of Programs and Education Advisor and other camp team members to set objectives and manage project based initiatives. Learn more about this role and how to apply here.