Friends. Mentors. Safe spaces.

GirlForward serves girls ages 14-21 in grades 9-12 who identify as refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers. We support girls through three core programs.

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Our Mentoring Program pairs girls with mentors to engage in "4W" activities (Wellness, Wisdom, Wallet and World) in order to explore their passions and graduate from high school. Girls are paired with women mentors within the local community for at least one school year, and they meet together at least two hours weekly to talk about anything from school, to relationships, to careers. Mentors and mentees are friends, role models, teachers, and confidants for each other.


Our Education Program provides a space for girls to simultaneously build their English skills and succeed academically while exploring their identities and learning about the world around them. The Education Program has two components: Tutoring and Camp GirlForward. Over six weeks during the summer, Camp GirlForward utilizes a literacy-based curriculum that explores the themes of identity, community, and power through classroom instruction and field trips. Tutoring is a drop-in program where girls can work with tutors on homework at our GirlForward HQs and in partner schools.


The Safe Spaces Program provides safe spaces for girls to explore their identities, connect with other girls, and access the resources they need. The program ranges from drop-in hours after school to a variety of workshops.




Read more about our work and impact in our 2018 Annual Report!

Where We Work

GirlForward was founded in Chicago, IL in 2011 and is headquartered there. In 2016, we expanded to Austin, TX.