The first step in becoming a strong advocate is education. We encourage you to read, watch and listen to the stories and perspectives of people who have experienced displacement and resettlement. Here are some of those stories, along with informational pieces and graphics to put displacement into context. Suggestions welcome at

16 in a refugee camp: Here's what her days are like - The Lily

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Following a Refugee Family's Long Journey to U.S. Citizenship

Lens Bhutan's expulsion of more than 100,000 people in 1992 forced many of them to live in camps in Nepal. Viviane Dalles photographed one family as they relocated to Texas. One suitcase each. That was all the Mainali family took from their home in Bhutan when they fled to a refugee camp.

Everything Is Yours, Everything Is Not Yours

At age six, I ran away with my sister to escape the Rwandan massacre. We spent seven years as refugees. What do you want me to do about it? Cry?

2018 Was A Year Of Drastic Cuts To U.S. Refugee Admissions

It's well known that President Trump wants a wall on the southern U.S. border. He insists it's urgent to curb illegal immigration. But more than any wall, new barriers to legal immigration are likely to have more bearing on people trying to enter the United States.

75 years of major refugee crises around the world

1940 to 1960 Post-World War II These incidents displaced at least World War II saw the greatest displacement of people from their homes in the 20th century, with forced laborers dwelling in the lands of the German Reich, millions of ethnic Germans expelled from the Soviet Union, and millions more fleeing the increasingly harsh regime of Joseph Stalin.