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Anti-capitalist self care teach-in

  • Audre Lorde Project 147 W 24th St Fl 3, New York, New York 10011 (map)

**The facilitator will live-stream the November event only. No participants will be filmed. Participants can request to pause the live-stream during their own questions. Find it on the Hot Commie Facebook page**

This is a self-care teach-in specifically centering black, brown, and indigenous leftists. The teach-in assumes that we have no money or possessions with which to perform self-care. We decided to start this series because many activists have a background full of trauma, which is what led us to fight fascism in the first place. We are also incurring secondhand trauma every day from witnessing atrocities worldwide.

The trauma we all incur must be addressed and managed long-term with coping skills and supportive communities. However, we cannot make a supportive, tight community if we are all individually suffering with no ability to reach out. Collectively, we will begin to create a culture of self-healing by participating in this teach-in. When that is established, we will also be able to take a long-term approach to healing our affinity groups.

Noémie will facilitate the first teach-in, and afterward there will be monthly echo trainings. As in, the next facilitator will add their experiences and labor to the next presentation. The teach-in will be repeated, as so many events are happening in New York City. We want everyone to have a chance to access this. If they suddenly get called in to work or have an emergency, they can attend the next month. When people leave the teach-in, they can tell others to attend the next one. Slides will include:
• A crowdsourced safe space protocol
• Inclusivity to the impoverished
• Coping exercises for dissociation, intrusive thoughts, etc.
• Self-care that we can all do for free
• Practicing setting healthy boundaries

About the facilitator: The facilitator, Noémi Dupont, is part of the affinity group Hoods4Justice. Hoods4Justice is an anarchist space focusing on black, brown and indigenous bodies. The group also prioritizes queer people in the liberation struggle. Noémi also moderates Facebook page and YouTube channel Hot Commie, where they focus on political education and live-stream their interactive lessons. The facilitator identifies as black, brown, indigenous, disabled, and trans gender. They also have experience training mental health professionals in how to best serve marginalized communities with the affinity group Identifight.