Take Action Now


The current U.S. administration has all but halted the refugee resettlement program, and has singled out Syria for virtual suspension of admissions. We cannot express outrage at the violence inflicted on civilians in Syria while closing our doors to people fleeing this violence. 

Here’s how you can help make sure this message is heard:

STEP ONEClick here to look up the phone numbers for your elected officials.

STEP TWO: Call your two Senators and your Member of Congress and use these suggested talking points to send a clear and succinct message:

  • I’m a constituent from [City, State], and I urge you to take a stand in welcoming Syrian and other refugees to the United States.
  • To remain the global humanitarian leader we have been since World War II, we must continue to welcome refugees who flee their homes in search of freedom from violence and persecution. People’s lives and futures are at stake. We cannot claim to act for humanity while turning our backs on the Syrian people.

  • My community stands ready to welcome refugees. We believe that welcoming and protecting refugees makes us stronger as a community and as a country.

  • [Personal stories are very effective. If you have a personal story or reflection on why your values and history compel you to take action for refugees, add it here].

STEP THREE: Ask your family and friends to join you in calling elected officials. 

Talking points shared/adapted from HIAS.