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Last week, Camp GirlForward was fortunate to have guests from Loyola University’s Writing Center work with us on telling personal stories. We talked about essays – the kind colleges want to see – and how simple stories can represent who we really are. We’re excited that Neera, one of the girls participating in Camp GirlForward this summer, is sharing her writing with our GirlForward blog!

I have learned a lot about myself through my life experiences. I’ve learned that I’m hardworking and I care about other people. I can understand other people. Because of these things I want to be a doctor. In my home of Nepal doctors are badly needed. I’ve seen too many innocent people dying because they couldn’t afford the medical help they needed. I want to be able to help them through educating myself. I think I would be a good doctor because I am self-sufficient. I take responsibility and I understand risk and reward. I have learned how to do this through my life experience which I will share with you now.

When the wood is too cold it won’t burn. I had to try many times to get it started, so I blew air and I got a headache. I needed to get that fire started in order to feed my family. My father was gone and my mother was working, and it was up to me to take care of my brother. 10 years old I felt depressed. Once the fire started I put the pot of water on the fire. I chopped the vegetables and put the rice on the plate. I could hear my brother playing outside with his friends. I was wishing I could play with them. My friend came and begged me to play with them and I had to say I have to finish cooking first. This meal wasn’t just a meal. It was a symbol of taking care of my family. When I finished cooking I had to worry about keeping it warm for my mom when she came home. It was important for me to have the meal ready for my mom because I knew how proud she would be of me.

I learned self-sufficiency, and I stood up when my family needed me. So I will be able to take responsibility for everything. People can rely on me. I can be independent and able to take care myself. My priorities are in order and I know my work comes before play. Before I go play with my friends I have to
finish my homework and chores. I learned importance of family.